Sildalis Reviews

I have used Viagra and other generic drugs in the past. Sildalis was also effective but it didn’t offer me a noticeable difference in sexual performance when compared to the rest. Still, it definitely works.

– Michael


I’m 39 years old, never had erectile dysfunction in the past. The issues started right after I lost my job and stress overwhelmed me. I tried using Viagra at first and then some other drugs, they were ok. But Sildalis really worked miracles for me. It’s like I’m 20 again.

– John


Sildalis is a very powerful drug indeed. My sexual performance becomes equal to the one I had when I was in my 20s. The flushing and slight headache I feel can be a bit annoying though.

– Eric


I accidently read about Sildalis a year or so ago, and thought I’d give it a go. The results were amazing. Now I use occasionally when I want to give my girlfriend a special night. I’m not even going to try a different drug ever.

– Peter


My first sex problems appeared when I turned 55. At first, the inability to achieve a good erection was not that bad but it kept getting worse. Just when I had lost all hope, after having used various different drugs, I took one Sildalis pill and it worked immediately. Both I and my wife are sexually happy again now.

– Steven


I owe the “resurrection” of my sex life to Sildalis. It helped me and now both I and my wife are very happy. The only negative thing I could say is that the side effects, even though brief, they are a little stronger than I expected.

 – Daniel


I suffer from arthritis and I haven’t been able to enjoy sex since the intense pain started. The constant moving during sex causes brief but intense feeling of pain at random times making me lose my erection. This happened every single time until I took Sildalis. The best part is that it was not even a whole pill; I cut it in half fearing any possible side effects since it is so “strong”. I had the best sex I’ve had in years plus there were 0 side effects. I recommend it to everyone.

 – David


I was thinking about switching from Viagra to a different drug for a long time. I tried Sildalis and I have to say that is equally good. However, I expected more from it, probably because I read about the powerful combination of the 2 drugs it contains. It is OK, I guess.

 – Paul


Generally, I tend to worry way more than other people do about the side effects of the drugs I use. This prevented me from taking something to help me with my inability to maintain an erection. From the day I decided to try Sildalis, there is not a time that I have sex without wishing I had started using it since the first time the issue appeared. Perhaps I’m lucky; this drug has absolutely no side effects for me.

 – Steve


I have used Viagra and other generic drugs in the past. Sildalis was also effective but it didn’t offer me a noticeable difference in sexual performance when compared to the rest. Still, it is definitely worth trying.

 – Michael


My inability to maintain an erection has affected me severely since I am only 35 years old; I have no other health problems so this should not be happening under any circumstance. I went to a doctor and he said that stress was the reason behind this. I did not want to risk a failure with a drug and feel extra stressed after it so I thought I’d try strong Sildalis. It is perfect, I’ve even reduced the quantity and it’s still super effective.

 – Max


I was having erectile dysfunction issues for more than a few years but since I was too embarrassed to admit it to anyone including my doctor, nothing changed. That was until I decided to consult a medical examiner after all and he suggested taking Sildalis. My sex life transformed from the first time I took it. It is amazing!

– Kevin


I tried more than a few of the available drugs to treat my erectile dysfunction. Sildalis was good but nothing extra ordinary that would make me stick to it. I mean the effect is pretty much the same as the other similar drugs have. I didn’t notice it was “super strong” as some users say.

 – Jason